Shawn Sullivan is a Award winning producer engineer and founder of World Class Audio in Southern California one of the premier recording studios of Southern California.

Shawn's fascination and passion for recording at a very early age (9 years old) propelled him into career of production music recording. That same passion fueled a progression from recording on 4-8-16-24 track tape formats and into the earliest versions of DAW software (it was called sound tools in the very early days, before Pro Tools) Shawn Was told "that stuff’s a toy, analog will be the technology for the next 50 years”, eagerly adopting this "new technology" proved fortuitous for his career and has led him to the forefront of modern editing and production techniques and garnered the prestigious Grammy (Certificate) Award in 2009 for his work on The Mars Volta-Bedlam in Goliath.

Shawn would fall asleep to to bach, beetoven, wagner, rachmoninff at an early age into his teens regressed into punk/progressive rock and metal (Fear, Dead Kennedys, Rush, Marrilion, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest among others) it wasn’t until much later on that shawn discovered his pop sensibility by appreciation for the bands he once dismissed during his punk years like The Cars, Gary Newman, Hall and Oats, Duran Duran , Tears for Fears, and classics like Frank Sinatra Live at the Sands and of course, The Beatles. His Jazz taste ranges from Weather report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Yoko Kano and Charlie Parker. Through his family , shawn was exposed ,by force, to his families taste such as : Glen Camble, Hank wiliiams, Jonny Cash,  Boston, Foreigner, Fog Hat, with that said has an eclectic, developed ear for various styles never intimidated by any styles of music and always working with the artist to push the envelope.

Shortly after his parents death at age 9, Shawn immersed himself in guitar and song writing, several years later he learned to play Baritone, 3 valve muriphone, Susiphone, then 5 valve muriphone playing brass instruments up to the college level. With this diverse background of instrumentation, Shawn as a producer is able to sonically blend both world of organic and electric elements.

As the main song writing member of the punk band Sakarov, Shawn was ahead of his time. Later in Years some have comparedshawns music to Bad Brains, TSOL, Fears etc…. by Joby Ford of the Bronx.

Shawns talents also steps outside the studio, in his early 20’s he wrote and self produced a video manual for Roland, shortly after he was approached by Thomas Beckman president of Roland Corporation to use his video turning it into a factory authorized product for the best selling sound module of all time, thus giving him much needed capitol to purchase gear for his studio.

Preferring the tools that work best for the artistic vision and sounds required, Shawn favors a hybrid approach to recording: great analog tube/solid state outboard gear and cutting edge software tools. " there are great attributes to both the old and new technologies, for me its just a question of what sounds best for the application at hand, digital and analog reside harmoniously here at my studio"

"I prefer coaching real and honest performances out of the artists I work with, too often DAW software is used as a crutch to funnel out bad timing, pitch and other issues that are better solved by getting the right take. Don't get me wrong, editing is a great thing, but make sure that the track has the energy and vibe first."

At 24 years old Shawn became instructor of the advanced audio workshop at Orange Coast College (14 years) and later instructor of music production for Golden West College (4 years) , during that same span of time Shawn started up world class audio recording studio in 1996 . The first location, was originally in Newport Beach. The second location in Anaheim California (a block away from Angel Stadium) became the most successful studio in all of Orange County and hosted a veritable who's who of Clients, including:

Shawn Sullivans
Selective Works

• The Mars Volta Grammy winner 2009 best rock performance Protools editor "Bedlam in Goliath" "Octahedron" and "Noctourniquet"
• Omar Rodriquez Lopez _ mixed 10 solo records from Omar in a little over a year span
• Sugarcult,
•Indian School for the record “Cruelest Kind” 2012 release, (formerly Audio Karate)
• Taken,
• Salem,
• The Higher,
• Name Taken
• The Bled
• Reel Big Fish "cheer up" producer, engineer, mixed
• Bleeding Through, Engineer on "This is love, this is murderous"
• Carl Verheyen, Produced/Engineered/Mixed "Six"
• Saosin (Mastered EP)
• Suburban Legends, Produced engineered and mixed EP
• Herbie Handcock engineer/history of jazz DVD

Music for TV/Film:
• Bring it on (featured song, produced/engineered, mixed)
• Mr. and Mrs. Smith (song tracked at WCA, performed backing vocals)
• Without a paddle, Produced, Engineered and Mixed featured song
• Sympathy for Delicious, Co-Produced/engineered song 2010 with The Mars Volta
• MTV, MTV reality shows, custom music, engineered, produced/mixed
• The Wild Thornberrys Movie, produced/engineer/mixed featured song with Reel Big Fish
• Kellogg's Rice Crispies commercial with Reel Big Fish
• Without a Paddle-
• VH1 behind the music - Pantera (2006) produced, mixed, and engineered song used for the special.
• VH1 behind the music-The story of metal- (2006) produced, mixed, and engineered song used for the special.
• Princess Cruise Lines-composed/performed music for pod cast theme songs. 2012

Currently Shawn works out of his private studio at and is producing engineering and making his studio available to other producer/engineers when available.