World Class Audio is a unique, purpose built 2,400 sq. ft recording studio located 66 miles east of Los Angeles in Riverside, California. The studio features fantastic acoustics and a 1,000 sq. ft tracking room that rivals the best rooms in LA. A backline like ours is typically not found in any studio - let alone the most well regarded of them. The gear available to visiting engineers allows access to a standard of excellence thought only possible at more famous studios with a longer history.

We specialize in high-quality production audio for feature release albums, singles,  live in-studio releases & custom audio production and foley for film.

From ground up production, to the tweaking a mix right before mastering, we strive to achieve an artist's vision and push results to the highest levels possible.

Our rates include our accomplished engineer and producer, Shawn Sullivan. We welcome all types of recording artists, producers and engineers to track here. Listen to our demo reel and hear what World Class Audio can do for you! Feel free to ask any questions regarding our expertise around a given type of project (the answer will probably be, "yes - we can".)

Already tracked elsewhere and want to take advantage of the tremendous value World Class Audio provides? Shawn has mixed for the some of the most stringent and demanding artists and has been very successful with them time and time again. Already got your record done and just want a cool backdrop for your video project? The studio looks great and, as such, people do love to use it to record their promos and music videos. We welcome you to bring us your tracks to mix and to record your video here!

Find out why artists both local and from all over the world Including London, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Russia return to us to mix and track their recordings!