World Class Audio Gear and Equipment

Harrison 3232c - 32 channel console

1978 harrison 3232c with fully rebuilt power supplies and recapped in 2014. 32 channels of 4 band eq and high/low pass filters. The summing/mixing portion sounds great and totally gets the analog vibe happening off of ProTools/DAWs quickly. Its a beautiful thing to mix on. 16 mic preamps.




(2) channels of TSL 3 vac rack limiter. One of the "Holy Grails", this limiter is smooth on Bass and kick sub groups, also great on vocals and backing vocals.

(4) Allsion Research Gain Brain discrete compressors that are the “sleepers” of the studio world. These came out of Fantasy studios in Berkeley California and what a sordid story they could tell if they could talk. these particular Gainbrains have transformer ins and outs for added fattening of tone. 

Gyraf Audio Gyratech X Tube variMU Compressor- a very "fairchild" like variMU compressor.

(1) Spectrasonics Model 601 limiter. Great sounding, fully re-capped and serviced, these compressor/limiters are one of my favorites. great for drum room mics, acoustic guitar and sizzling up a vocal when needed.

DBX-160 VU (2) These are spongy on the low end and poppy sounding on the transients. Put a kick and snare together in a sub group and hear the snap of the transients pop out. Cool for mixing with original tracks or other compressors. sometimes cool on backing vocals and good for bass guitar. 

DBX 160A smooth grabby and useful.

(4) channels of IGS "S tpye" 500 series stereo compressors. SSL 4000 clones that have parrallel mix capabilities, good for buss compression duties. Drums, guitar and vocal busses, anywhere a SSL 4000 buss compresser likes to go. 

Tubecore IGS 3U, tube varimu compressor with recallable switches, incredible buss compressor, whole mix. 

(2) XQP optical de-essers


Ebbe Und Flut analog synth fliter. Great german made analog synth filter that can make very unique sounds out of ordinary analog sounds like guitars, vocals and drums, and can really spice up synth sounds. There’s basically a patch bay in the back for triggering LFO’s, VCO’s and the like.

Tel-Ray-1960′s oil-can delay, swirly warbley goodness!

Sony D7 Delay, great multitap!

T.C. electronic D-two digital delay

DSP, plugins and CPU

Avid/ProTools HDX card, ProTools 11 software

UAD Octo card with the following plug-ins:

AMS RMX16, UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ, Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection, Pultec passive EQ collection, Teletronix LA-2A Leveler Collection, Shadowhills Mastering Compressor, Oxford EQ

MXR Flanger-Doubler, Little Labs VOG, Ampex ATR-102, SSL E Channel Strip, Studer A800, EP-34 Tape Echo , EMT 250, Little Labs IBP, Moog Filter, Precision De-Esser, Neve 88RS, Helios 69, Neve 33609, Neve 1073 legacy, Roland Dimension D, EMT 140, Teletronix LA-2A Legacy, UA 1176LN Legacy, UA 1176SE Legacy, Pultec Pro Legacy, Faichild 670 Legacy, Dreamverb, Cambridge, RealVerb-Pro, Pultec EQP-1A Legacy, CS-1

other plugins include;

Fab Filter total bundle, Altiverb, DrMS V4, Eventide H-3000 Factory, Izotope Alloy, Nector2, Ozone 7, Trash2, SONY OXFORD EQ with GML option, 

Literally hundreds of other plug-ins , too many to list.

Microphone Preamps/DI's

RCA OP-6 1940′s tube customized with external power supply, DI input and choice of either original transformer or Jensen for modern or vintage sound. Also continuously variable output fader for overdrive if desired (i desire it!) . great for a guitar fuzz front end as well. 

Harrison Series 10, 8 channel Jim Williams modified, 1900 volts per microsecond slew rate! , bypass caps on the new elctrolytics means Damn fast performance! fantastic sounding preamps up there with my best tube pres.

Cinema Engineering (6) – 1950′s incredible sounding and very rare, these tube pres have a tone unequaled by anything made today or in the past. Very easy into distortion as you increase gain and get the elusive “grrrr” sounding edge to your tracks. Cinema Engineering invented the term “console” for their products in the 1950′s that we all use today.

Custom made tube mixing console  (3) channels mixed to 1. This little tube mixer uses my favorite 1620 tubes and UTC-LS transformers. Its actually a passive mixer where the summing happens in a special UTC LS-13 transformer. Then there are three 1620 tubes for gain makeup. I use this on electric guitar amps all the time to sum and mix multiple mics.

Newcomb tube mixer (3) channels mixed to 1, Another old broadcast tube mixer primarily used for guitar tracking.

Hamptone hvtp2 2 channel tube microphone pre-amplifier, 2 di inputs m transformer I/O (jensens) great mic preamplifier

Harrison 3232c console 16 mic pre-amplifiers on the console with direct outs.

A designs REDDI tube DI (the best for bass I have ever found)

MW1 studio tool. fantastic guitar/bass DI as well as a versatile guitar re-amp tool that gets used here on a daily basis.



(1)   AKG 414 EB modified by Jim Williams (amazing) 

(2)   AKG 451 EB condenser mics

(2)   Lauten Audio Oceanus tube condenser mics

(2)   Lauten Audio Torch tube condenser mics 

(2)   Audio Technica 4047 condenser mic (kick and bass cabs)

(1)   Earthworks DM23 condenser mic (crispy critter high end)


(1)   Beyer dynamic m201 dynamic mic

(1)   EV re15 dynamic mic

(2)   EV 654 Omni dynamic mics

(1)   EV ND68 kick drum microphone (fantastic and often overlooked kick mic)

(1)   Shure beta 52 dynamic mic

(5)   Sennheiser 421

(1)   Sennheiser 441

(10) Shure SM57

(2)   Shure SM58 dynamic mic

(1)   Shure SM7

(1)   Telefunken M82 dynamic microphone (kick and low freqs)


(1)   Fostex M22RP MS stereo Printed Ribbon Mic

(1)   Fostex M80RP Printed Ribbon Microphone

(1)   Royer R121

(1)   Cascade fathead HE ribbon


1976 Guild D-50 acoustic guitar, an exquisite sounding example,  sunburst Guild. My favorite guitar for pop/rock tunes

1965 Framus Stratodeluxe very unique electric guitar that sounds nothing like a Strat or Tele, has band pass filters switchable from its extensive pickup/tone selector switches.The Framus gets the rattiest funkiest tones I’ve ever heard from a guitar

2004 Fender American P-bass deluxe great standard bass available here for use

1992 Takamine S132  Solid top classical guitar (1990′s) a very dried out and well used classical with a nice tone for those last minute “i have a classical guitar part” ideas that tend to come up!

1982 Ibanez Artist Series 300 Whenever i played this model of guitar “back in the day” i was blown away with the quality of these guitars. After owning many Les Pauls through the years and being dissatisfied with their overall quality i decided to go back to what i really loved from the start. Equipped with an Evertune bridge so it literally will not go out of tune. The guitar has just been majorly upgraded with the addition of Zhangbucker hand/hand wired pickup in the Neck position and a Motor City pickups "blackbelt II" PUP in the bridge. 

1994 G&L ASAT tele. A one “off” vintage gold paint job for the NAMM show 1994. Great and unique sounding guitar …as a side note this guitar was signed by George Fullerton, after i went pistol shooting with George and Jeff (son). Equipped with Evertune bridge.

Hohner 1970's les paul, fat c profile neck , great sustain, Zhangbucker hand/hand wired pickups, Faber bridge, and all upgraded pots and caps.


(2) Mesa Boogie 4×12 cabinets

1970's Marshall checkerboard cabinet with (2) original pre ROLA g12-h speakers and (2) old vintage 30's. Unreal sounding.

Marshall open back 2×12 cabinet loaded with a Celestion G12-H and Vintage 30 speakers

Ampeg 4×10 (PR410-HLF) bass cabinet. The 13-ply void-free Baltic birch cabinet, braced to survive nuclear attack. 

Ampeg 1X15 (PR15H) Nice single 15″ bass cabinet with High freq Driver.


Landry LS100-G3 Excellent Boutique High Gain amp with verb and channel switching. 

JOS Flexi Head Hand wired and hand made 50 watt plexi (1965 Marshall plexi clone)

Fender Twin from the 1990's, million switches and options, with vintage JBL d120 speakers

Fender Vibrolux reverb Handwired 2×10″combo Excellent in between clean and dirty tones, and great clean Fender tones.

Thunder Tweak Buzz Bomb 18watt high gain, Basically a Soldano SLO 100 front end with a Vox AC15 back end. Cool little amp.

National 1950′s era 2×10″ combo amplifier unique tone, handwired by magnavox, great chimey class A clean tones.

1959 Tonemaster by Magnatone, one of the greatest guitar amps of all time!

Ampeg 1963 "fliptop" B15 bass amp with original JBL D150 speaker, the bass sound we all have heard on countless hits through ther ages!


Boss RE-20 Space Echo

Mutron Bi-Phase (1970's)

Mutron Octave Divider (1970's) 

Electro Harmonix Micro Synthisizer

Digitech Bad Monkey (that funky monkey!) Overdrive pedal.... very surprisingly good in certain situations

Microtubes B7K analog bass preamp pedal. the best overdrive/parrellel effect for bass I've heard!

Foxrox Octave fuzz clone, great sounding all NOS parts clone built by my friend Joe, EPIC!

BOSS bass overdrive- a terrible sounding overdrive for bass that sometimes sounds like the "right kind of terrible" for certain things

Dunlop 535Q wah pedal. 

Snarling Dogs Mold Spore Wah Psycho-Scumatic yes that's its real name! a completely unhinged, crazy sounding ring modulator, distortion and wah pedal that can peel the skin off your face.

Snarling Dogs Bootzilla Bootsy Collins Signature Bass Wah with Fuzz Pedal pretty self explanatory! 

Holy Fire distortion pedal by Creation Audio Labs

Electron Analog Drive incredibly versatile pedal with 8 different analog circuits, fully programmable and a sweepable midrange eq!

VFE Focus pedal allows very sophisticated tone shaping before the amp that allows you to focus your tone to have the amp clean up or breakup where you want, its a game changer!

Bogner "la grange" overdrive pedal

BBE Stinger the 1980's sizzle sound in a box, this is a vintage pedal that really gets the cool sound of the early BBE devices and works wonders for cleaning up some muddier amps by hyping the highs and/or lows in a cool way.

VooDoo labs Sparkle drive a parallel mix tube screamer like box that allows some clean mixed in .... just the thing when needed.

Ibanez Tube Screamer overdrive pedal has that mid-range push and subtle character we all love to hate, or hate to love.

BAE hotfuzz pedal- amazing and unique fuzz pedal with high boost


Starr 1939 Minum 6' grand piano, A great sounding baby grand that came from an original owner, out of an old ranch estate in Yucaipa. Records great! 



2005 Fibes Kit Very Rare kit the Fibes drum kit utilizes maple plys with one ply of gumwood in the middle as a overtone balancer.

Tom sizes are 12", 13", 16". Kick is 24″

Noble and Cooley 18" CD maple tom


TAMA "Kenny Arnoff" Trackmaster 14x6 hand made drum (1 of 50)

Noble and Cooley 14"x7" Solid Shell

Noble and Cooley 13"x5" Solid Shell



Tannoy System 1000 speakers and the Adcom 535 I stereo amplifier modified by Jim Williams fantastic near/mid fields that are my primary speakers for monitoring.

ATC SCM200 mains- heavily modified with RAAL ribbon tweeters, Lambda/acoustic elegance Midrange driver and using the DEQX system/crossover for per driver frequency smoothing, phase and group delay compensated coherency and a "in room" measured frequency response.  All this adds up to killer accurate monitoring at any listening level.